In 2020 Mr Buggy 8 took the form of a mobile app.

The app served as a main task for TestingCup 2020 Contestants, fighting for Championship during the 8th edition of the event, organised online for the first time.

The 2020 restrictions have forced major changes in comparison to previous versions, including app simplification and reduction of the risks related to performance, security, reliability of the Internet connection.

All you need is a mobile phone with the Android system!

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Learn software testing. Find defects and reproduce them.

Take the role of a Software Tester and look for defects like a PRO.

20 serious defects are hidden in 20 tasks. Find them all!

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Hardware and software requirements

The mobile phone should meet the following requirements:

  • Android 6 or later,
  • minimum 2GB RAM,
  • a good Internet connection will be an attitude.

Language of the application: English

For TestingCup 2020 Participants

Have you participated in TestingCup 2020?

We bet you'd like to retrace the defects that appeared in MrBuggy Mobile!

Download the app in the version that was released during the Competition.

Remember that to log into MrBuggy Mobile you need your unique Identifier available on your account in the Participant Zone